Nonconscious Motivation

This course at covers the following:

Present-day cognitive models contrasted against prior theories

A deeper dive into Cialdini’s persuasion principles

How to chemically incite motivation and how…

Does it really matter how clearly you articulate your message on your website if nobody registers it? “Registering” means that it immediately grabs your visitor’s attention!

Grabbing and sustaining your audience’s attention is a prerequisite for learning. When a stimulus doesn’t grab your visitor’s attention, it has a zero chance of providing value. It’s not even a blip on your visitor’s radar.

Attention process grabbing process occurs in a matter of milliseconds. …

Chaos to Calm: What A Difference Diet Makes

I’m so excited to have you join me and I would love to know what tips you found the most useful in the Chaos to Calm guidebook you downloaded. So feel free to drop me an email.

I can still remember the…

Main points included:

Wheat causes leaky gut/gut permeability

  1. Kids on the spectrum are often addicted to gluten and want to eat little else
  2. High food allergies and intolerance to wheat & gluten

Nutritional poor products

Food and nutrition influence the health, learning, and behavior of children. As a parent or…

Digital selling blog 1


Virtual Sales Coaching

Virtual Sales Coach

Online Sales Coaching

Online Sales Coach

Online Sales Training

Online Sales Trainer

Web-based Sales Coaching

Blog Concepts

A virtual sales coach can teach your sales professionals need to be flexible and adjust to customers needs

An Online sales Coach…

Deborah Lazear

Elementary educator for twenty years. B.A. in Elementary Education. Community College Instructor. Dedicated to helping parents, educators understand children.

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